I opened The Art School of NEPA 25 years ago with the hope of giving children the encouragement and attention they needed in order to excel in art.  I started with 10 students in a one room studio.  Three years later, my enrollment had risen to 90 students.  It was then that I decided to run the studio full time. Last year year I decided to downsize my studio space and my class sizes. I currently teach 6 students in a class and a total of 45 students each week.

Children may begin taking art classes at age 7.  

We are open year round.  

I insist on limiting class size to six students per class. This allows me to get to know each student and to work with each one in a way many teachers wish to but cannot.  I strive to make the school a friendly environment where the students are encouraged to test their talent and challenge their imaginations.  It is important for the students to learn the techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.  But it is more important that they find a way to express their unique view of the world.  My students are at all different ages and skill levels.  Their love of art and their courage to try new techniques unite them.  I am honored to be their teacher.



Colleen Munley, owner

The Art School of NEPA